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COOL SPRING meeting-house. 


On the iOth^ lUk^ and 12th days of November^ 18lO« 




SATURDAY, ^ot;. 10, 1810. 

Ist. The Introductory Sermon was delivered, 
by Elder Nathan Gulley, from the 25th verse 
of the 10th chapter of Hebrews. 

2. After worship the Association convened 
prayer was offered up to the Lord by Elder 
Benjamin Davis. The Constitution and 
form of decorum being read, proceeded to bu- 

3. Brethren Elias Bowden and James Fort 
were appointed a Committee of Finance, to re- 
ceive the contributions and make all settlements, 

4. Letters from the several Churches of this 
Association were read, the names of their mes- 
sengers, with the numbers baptized, 8^:c. were 

5. Two Churches petitioned by letter for ad- 
mittance into this Association; one isi Wake 
Count}' . undrtr the Pdstoral care of Elder Ezs- 

"^'^^ ■ ' ' ^Mirn County, 

Harm AN. Alter ^ - ' '''^'^''•g 

" g their 

V£ F...... ...... ^^^..^ \ , ILLIAM L . . - 

*hls .\sbocLition, \ir, lloirr.x * \ x.. t ., .Igii A ciLLLvtoFiai li^e*, ^Lzlizx. . 
^'^icr, tv) Coui 'iirj, 7o:i:c FLURirov to 
/T^u 0, N lTiiax Clliy lo Cap.-.-^''ear, T'^"! 
Bartholomew Fuller to Snndy Creek x\s- 
sociations—and that we send to each Associa- 
tion a few copies of our Minutes in lieu of a let- 
tcF, wirii a ccrtiucate of their appointiTjents. 

10. Eiders Rqland Cook, Phillemgh- 
Bennett, and William Lancaster were 
a|3poiiitcd to Preach to-morrow, and Divine 
Worsliip to begin at 10 o'^clock, M» 

Adjourned after prayer by Elder Bennett^ 
untii Monday 10 o\:iock, !\] M, 






1 Cumberland 

2 Johnston 
Rocky S/irlng 

3 Johnston 

4 Wake 
Cross Roads 

5 M^ake 
Holley Sfirings 

6 Wake 

Pleasant S firing 

7 Wake 
Cool Spring 

8 Wake 

9 IVake 

10 Johnston 
ma Crjvk 

M Wake 
Middle Creek 

W. Avery 
N. Prince 

Jesse Wall 
W. Fiigo* 

J R . Warren 
) W. Whitley 
I^John Phillips* 

{Zadock Bell 
John Fort 
James Fort 
fR. T. Daniel 
< N. Norris 
\ Silas Green 


J S. Stephenson 

1 Mark Myatt 
t Palis Pearson 


J Ozias Vinson 
Eiias Bow den 
I^H. Sanders 


J P. Pearson 
} Jolin Moore 
\Jl. D. Free 

J. Peurifoy 

B. Fuller 
William Fort 
L. Caudle* 
N. Tijornton 
J. Woodaii 

I A. Johnston 
] Porter 
tPcter Pcitsr 

1 1 

1 <^ 






2 54 


2 .0 


3 \o2 

I :2 jirr 










1 3 Franklin C 
Haywood's Mi H. \ 

'^cdar Fork 

, .? Chatham 
'N'civhofic Moun- 

J B, Johnston 

J. Whittcnton 
{J, Stepkenson 


James Ross 
(_ Jesse Pritchard 
fE. Trice 
< J. Stephenson 
W. Suggs'*^ 

3 H. Harmon* 
1 C. Armstead 




N. B. Names of Pastors are in small capi- 
tals, iinorclaincd Ministers in italics; those 
marked with a * ^vere not present; dashes — 
denote no Pastor ; the last column contains the 
sums contributed by the Churches to the Asso» 
ciation Fund. 

Lord's Day, Mv, 11///. 

The Elders appointed to occupy the stage. 
VA'A a ^ery la^^e assembly. — —Roland Cook 
:hcd from 1st Corinthi ms, 15th chap, and 
; ; vc^rse : Awake to ri<.4iteousness, and sin 
' ? r )r some Iiave not tlie knowledge of God : 
. . ^ '"i tills to your shame." Phillemon Ben- 
-i.:^,;vaehed froniHcvelationsthe 11th chap, and 
1st verse : " There w^as given unto me a reed 
like.nnto a rod and the angel stood, saying, Rise 
and nieasLirc the temple of God, and the alter, 
and Uiem that, worship therein." William Lan- 
c a :,tcr concluded with a most sublime and lumi- 
liouo exliortapon.— The word preached was 
' iih zeal, and we hope a divine blessing will at» 
:i nd the hbours of the dayo 

( ^ ) 

Monday^ JVcv. 12, 

11. Met agreeable to adjournment, opened 
by prayer by Elder Zadock Bell ; the messen- 
gers nami^s being called, proceeded to busi 

12. Corresponding messengers were called on 
to report- --Elders Nathan Gully, R. T. Daniel^ 
John Gully and John Pen ri Toy reported to the 
satisfaction of the Association. 

13. The committee which were appointed 
to arrange the business of this Association cfFer- 
ed their report. --Read and concurred with. 

24. The comniittee which t\'as appointed to 
examine the Circular Letter, handed in the 
same---rcad and received . 

- 15. On motion, agreed to take into conside- 
ration tlie request of Sandy Creek Association 
to send help and assistance to the liaw-river 
Mountain Church, on the first Saturday in Ja- 
niiary next, do appoint the following Elders : 
Robert T. Daniel, Nathan G.ulley, John Gulley 
and E::5ekiel Trice to meet the brethren from 
the above Association ta endeavour to reinstate 
said Church in orthodox and orderly principles 
in the bonds of the gospel. 

16. A motion was made & ae-reed to, that our 
corresponding messengers in future receive the 
compensation of one dollar per day for attending 
the Associations to which they are appointed. 

17. On motion, agreed to take under conside- 
ration the request for a mating appointed by 

-the Chowan Association, to beheld at the falls 
of Tar-rivtr, on Friday before the second Lord's 
Day in June, 1811, do agree to send our belov^ 

i 8 ) 

ed brethren Robert T. Daniel, Nathan GuHe}\ 
John Galley and JohnPeurifoy as messengers. 

18. Quere I. Is a minister of Christ justifia-^ 
ble in leaving stated appointments among his 
people to preach funeral sermons ? Answered in 
the negative. 

Tl9/ Gltiere 2, Has. a man a right to put away 
his wife for jbrnication and marry another ? 
Referred to next Association. 

20. On motion, agreed to appoint the follow- 
ing brethren as a committee (or any three of 
them) to revise the constitution of this Associa- 
tion, viz. John Peurifoy, Robert T. Daniel, 
John Gulley, Elias Bowden, Hardy Sanders^ 
and report at next Association. 

21. The committee of finance reported as 
follows : 

There remained in the fund last year S21 70 
Paid for printing last years 

Minutes - - - S 11 
Allowed the Clerk for his 

services - - 4 15 

Remaining on liand - - - 6 70 
Received this year from the 

Churches - - - - 17 

Remaining in the fund - - - - S 23 70 

22. Deposited in the hands of the Clerk six 
pounds, to defray the expence for printing these 

2S. On motion, agreed that Elders John GuU 
I ley, John Peurifoy and Robert T. Daniel (cor-- 
I responding messengers) be allowed a compen- 
sation of two dollars and ninety-two cents each^ 

.( o 

ibr atlendinfj il^c several AsscciaUons to \vliicli 
ihty ^vei e lippointcd last year. 

24. Oil motion, agreed that the money re- 
nruii^iiig in the finid be delivered to the Clejk 
;-..3 i compensaiion for tranr^crib^yj^ these Mi- 
"v,:i,; , superintending the prirtvM'C; ha\lng 5 CO 
co]/>v I '-iDV.d arid distribi-U;.. u.^rw 

25. Brother Ba rt holowiew Fuller was appoint- 
ed to write a Circui- r Address for cur next As- 
sociation, and to choose his siiLject. 

26. Agreed that the next Association be held 
in Wake County, at Union Meeting- house, and 
liegin on Saturday before the seeond Lord's 
Day in November* Elder Ezekiel Triee is re- 
quested to preaeh the- introductory Sennon, and 
divine worship will begin at 1 1 o'clock A, M.— 
Alter prayer by Elder Daniel, adjonrned. 


\ _ ' ■ ■ 

THE Ministers ard Messengers of the Ralc-igiv 
Bastist Association convened at Cool-Spring MeetUig- 
House, Wake coumy, lOih of Nov(^inbc,r, 1810, serai 
Christian salutations to the Churches they rt.preseLt; 
Forever alTectionate partners in the kii gdom ard pa- 
tience of Jesus Christ, . 

Vv^e think it ne(y\[a] that our present address to you 
should be on the CGiT\n;and of our blessed R^^ch; iiier, 
Jl/ari, chap, 13, olth verse—'-'' What I ' .-^ yru 

I say unto all, Watch." I his Vv j-?s f ". v' )^.\X 

commands our blessed Lord g:>vc t^: ^ :;. " ' 
because he well knew the ■ nrrany enen- .•- : • 
meet with, wor'd, flrsh and Sainn ; r;:- v . ■ - 
those foestofacc, uoduog saouid cxcra; -..i 

( 10 ) 

But Brethren, we have too great cause to fear we 
have much neglected that express command, which 
causes so much c oldness in religit^n, and dark clouds 
so often to intervene; mean while it is needful that 
we watch, lest in these darksome hours we mistake 
and make a league with our internal foes. 

Very dear Brethren, we have a command to watch 
and pray that we enter not into temptation, from hence 
it is expedient that we Vt^atch irx order that we view 
the tempter a far off, which will lead the penitent 
soul to the throne of grace in prayer, for strength to 
withstand, and that their arm might be strung with 
more than mortal vigour ; that they might deal death 
to and mortify these members that are upon the earth; 
for it is not enough to watch and still remain prayer- 
less, for watching teaches us the necessity of praying, 
neither is it enough to cry, ' Lord, Lord,' and disre» 
gard the commandments of Gk)d* 

Furthermore, Brethren, it is expedient that we 
watch with a close discerning eye, because anti-chris- 
tian principles are dispersed abroad, with their paint- 
ed features and dissembling colours. It therefore 
belongs to Zioa to search and examine the sacred vo- 
lu:ne, lest she be wedded to man's devices instead of 
the commandments of Godo- 

Then let Zion revere those sacred truths, although 
they appear in the eyes of some to be of such inferior 
magnrcLide as not to be regardtd. 

We exhort you, brethren, thai you watch and strive 
to k'^^p thor.e prevailing anti-chrifitian errours from 
entering the door of your hear^-i — Wc also exhort 
you to observe and keep up a regular and sirict dis- 
cipline : and also to conter.d earnestly for thnr fauh 
and order delivered to the saints, and noi ^ ^ ' 
that door, wb^rii Christ has ordained for his 
to enter inv{> , ■ ■ aut knigdoai, co hi- ■.■i - -. j 
wide m to Ic. anti-christian beasiR wh^ch will 

feed ov. vour religious rights : For those rfghrs are 
more precious to you than rivers of oil, or the gold o£ 

( 11 ) 

Peru. Then let each of you with one heart and voice 
strive to maintain that holy and sacred order in its 
original purity. And we trust the bright era will be- 
gin to daw^n when the gospel millennium shall unfold 
and bring on the reality of ancient predictions. When 
earth and heaven will unite, and a general union be 
effected. And now, dear brethren, may your inces- 
sant cry be ^^Thy kingdom come,'' and we hope to 
unite in supplicating the God of all consolation to be 
with us all, through Jesus Christ our tprd. Amen. 
Signed by order of the Association. 

BARTH. FULLER, Moderator.